Glastonbury Public Schools World Language


Our goal is to maximize learning and enhance the educational experience for each student. Teachers consider a variety of factors when making placement decisions.

The goal of the placement process is to match students to the course in which they will experience the appropriate degree of challenge. When students are appropriately placed, they are guided to reach beyond their current ability levels and attain high levels of achievement. If a student is placed in a level that falls outside of their instructional zone, they are either not adequately challenged, or find the work exceedingly difficult. This may result in frustration and little or no growth or learning.

It is important to note that leveling is fluid in world language courses. Thus, commensurate with achievement, performance, and motivation, students may change levels from one year to the next.

Students and parents are urged to give careful consideration to the teacher's decision for course placement. The decisions are made with care, and are based on evidence, experience and the best interest of the individual student.

Course Sequences & Placement

Please refer to the links below for more detailed information about World Language course sequence and placement criteria.