Glastonbury Public Schools World Language


Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools (FLES)

"Learning a Language Should be Elementary"

In the Glastonbury Public School System we believe that all students must have the opportunity to establish the foundations of second language acquisition at any early age. This goal can best be reached with an extended, sequential program beginning early in elementary school. Starting in first grade, all Glastonbury Public School students begin studying Spanish in two 25-minute classes a week. In second grade students increase their studies of Spanish with three 25-minute classes every week and continue learning Spanish until fifth grade.

All elementary Spanish classes are based upon the five C’s of language learning: “Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, Connections and Communities.” These goals were developed through the collaborative effort of the U.S. Department of Education and the ACTFL. We strongly believe in teaching multi-modal lessons that hone students' reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Please see the Infographic below for an overview of our elementary world language program. You may also click here for a text-based description of the Elementary World Language Program Infographic