Glastonbury Public Schools World Language

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Glastonbury's World Language Program

1. Which students should study a world language in Glastonbury?

All students.

2. What are the characteristics of a successful world learner?

The most important characteristic of a successful language learner is that the student possesses a desire to learn the language, embraces all aspects of that language, and is willing to take risks.

3. Do students have to take a world language?

While taking a world language at Glastonbury High School is not a graduation requirement itself, it does allow students the opportunity to fulfill standards 5, 10, 11 and 22 toward graduation requirements. Ninety-five percent of all students do take at least one world language at GHS. World Language is required grades 1-8.

4. Should students take a language? Why? What are the college entrance requirements?

Yes, students should take a language in order to increase cultural awareness and improve their ability to communicate with more people in a global society. Most colleges require a minimum of two years of high school study of the same world language, and three years are strongly recommended. Generally, colleges will only accept world language credit earned in grades 9-12 to meet college/university entrance requirements. We urge you to consult with guidance counselors and to refer to admissions offices for college entrance requirements. In addition, we would like to emphasize that although some colleges do not require a world language for entrance, many require the study of language for graduation. Some colleges waive the graduation requirements if incoming students can demonstrate, through departmental or standardized tests, that they have achieved college level proficiency in world language. Please consult college catalogs for requirements.

5. Which students should study Russian, Mandarin or Greek?

Students who have a strong desire to learn these particular languages.

6. Can a student take two world languages at Gideon Welles School? Smith Middle School? At Glastonbury High School?

Yes, at all three schools. We love to see students take advantage of the language opportunities our schools have to offer.

7. Which language is easier?

In Glastonbury Public Schools, the study of a Romance Language such as Spanish in grades 1-12 or French in grades 6-12 helps students build a strong foundation for language learning. A second or third world language comes more easily as a result of studying the first world language. Language layering optimizes a student’s potential for performance in other scholastic areas.

8. Is it better to take two years of one language and then switch to another?

This would depend on the student and his/her situation in the language. One may want to keep in mind college requirements; most colleges like to see two or more consecutive years of study of the same language.

9. What can I do as a parent to help my child be a successful language learner?

10. How can I obtain more information about the program?

Contact Amanda Robustelli-Price, at or (860) 652-7954.