Glastonbury Public Schools World Language


We travel not just to change location, but also our perspective. 

                                                                —Lavinia Spalding, Writing Away

About Our Exchange Programs:

Glastonbury High School students studying French, Russian, or Spanish have the opportunity to improve their language skills, experience world cultures, and make lasting friendships with native speakers by participating in our exchanges. Currently, GHS hosts students from, and sends students to, the following places:

General Information

Students from Spain visit Glastonbury in September, while GHS students go to Spain during the February or April vacations. Students from France arrive in Glastonbury in March and GHS students travel to France during the April vacation. The Russian exchange occurs once yearly on an alternating cycle and lasts for two weeks. The program is a tradition in Glastonbury, where middle school and high school students have been studying Russian since the 1958. 

In each exchange, students live with host families, attend classes in the host country, and participate in a variety of cultural activities which they would not be able to experience in their home countries. The opportunity to connect with the local culture is what makes the greatest impression on students. One Spanish Exchange participant said that the exchange experience “has shown me that anyone, anywhere can be hospitable, and friendships can be made for a lifetime… I learned more life lessons than anything.” In the words of another student, “It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.” 

Due to the popularity of the exchanges, and the intense requirements placed upon the participants, GHS students must undergo an application and interview process to be selected to participate in these trips. More information on each exchange, along with application materials, can be found by clicking on the exchange websites to the left. 

In addition to the exchange programs at Glastonbury High School, Smith Middle School and Gideon Welles School host students and teachers from Colegio Integral El Avila in Caracas, Venezuela. The students stay in the local area and attend class at Smith Middle School and Gideon Welles. Teachers coordinate various activities with the sixth, seventh and eighth grade Spanish classes. 

About Our Immersion Programs: 

Students at Smith Middle School and Glastonbury High School have the opportunity to participate in an immersion experience in Salamanca, Spain.  The immersion experience consists of daily classes in the Spanish langauge, as well as cultural activities.  Students stay with host families in Salamanca, all within walking distance to Colegio Delibes.