Glastonbury Public Schools World Language

Latin Immersion Trip

About the Latin Immersion Trip

The Latin Immersion Trip is open to Latin students interested in an immersive exploration of Latin language, history, and culture. Students will travel to Rome and the Bay of Naples, visiting monuments and sites from our curriculum. They will have the opportunity to speak and listen to Latin, and make meaning in an authentic context


The Latin Immersion Trip is open to high school students who are enrolled in Latin I or higher when applying.  

Current Status

Applications for the 2023 - 2024 Latin Immersion Trip are now open. 

Applications are due on Friday, October 13.

Application Process

The online application and the teacher recommendations are submitted digitally, and the  print and signed copy of the "Student Checklist and Guardian Acknowledgement" should be submitted to one of the Latin teachers in the World Language workroom. Please read all of the following documents carefully, and complete all parts of the application.  There are three parts of the application, and all parts must be completed by the deadline for applications to be considered.

First, please read this parent letter before completing the application

Next complete the application. Parts can be done in any order, though we suggest doing the "Student Checklist and Guardian Acknowledgement" last.