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Hosting Students from China

Hosting Students from China

In January 2024, we are pleased to welcome students to Glastonbury High School from the high school attached to Northeast Normal University in Ji’lin, Chang’chun Province.  We are looking for Glastonbury students and their families to host a student during their stay, which will be from January 29-February 2, 2024. Please note that while this exchange is not a reciprocal one, we do hope to travel to a Chinese-speaking area in the future. (All international trips require approval by the Glastonbury Board of Education.) Should we travel to a Chinese-speaking area in the near future, hosting a student for our visitors this year will be taken into account in the application process for travel. Given the responsibilities of being a host and the potential for travel, we are seeking student hosts who are reliable, trustworthy, mature, motivated, and who exhibit common sense and a sincere desire to interact with and learn about a different culture.


Students who participate must:

Current Status

We will host students from China in early 2024. Applications are available now and will be due by Friday, December 22.

Application Process

Completed applications should be submitted to Xinyu Li in the World Language workroom. Please read all of the following documents carefully, and complete all parts of the application.  There are four parts of the application, and all parts must be completed by the deadline for applications to be considered.

After the four parts are completed and reviewed, there is an interview round. Not all students will be invited to interview.


First, please read this parent letter before completing the application. 

Next complete the application. Parts can be done in any order, though we suggest doing the "Student Checklist and Guardian Acknowledgement" last.